For Meteorite Store :

Admission is FREE.   Feel free to look around, touch Mars and Moon rocks.   Maybe pick up a meteorite!    We have an extensive inventory of Meteorites for purchase!

For the traveling  showroom :

FREE for Schools with over 100 students and located within 100 miles of Pottsville, PA. This covers a wide radius, including all of Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Scranton and the Lehigh Valley as well as all the near regions. If travel exceeds that distance or school population is lower than 100 students, minimal fees will apply.

Day Fees if applicable :
If located over 100 miles from from Pottsville, PA we consider it a long commute. If under 100 students we consider it a very low population school. We really do want to service more very low population schools, however we do impact much larger numbers of children at larger schools. For long commute day trips or very low population schools we would require $95 additional.

For overnight commutes:
We would need Hotel and transportation in addition to the $95 a day expenses.

Asteroid STEM Kits
Students will be allowed but not required to purchase an Asteroid STEM kit for $10. It is a rare earth magnet combined with several small meteorites with high metal (likely asteroids). It is to be used to demonstrate how many space rocks have iron as well as other metals.

Call Roger for more Info 610.762.2156