For Meteorite Store :

Admission is FREE.   Feel free to look around, touch Mars and Moon rocks.   Maybe pick up a meteorite!    We have an extensive inventory of Meteorites for purchase!

For the traveling  showroom :

Most Schools actually do not pay anything as sponsors typically pay the bill for schools.  Finding a local sponsor to your school for an exhibit like this typically is not very hard.

For Birthday Parties and Events:

We can bring outer space to your kids birthday party this summer. It’s not expensive, and it’s something your children would LOVE. It’s an out of this world experience for your kids birthday party.  It includes Meteorites for all the kids and we’ll bring the Walk on Mars display as well as Lunar and Martian rocks that the kids can physically touch.  When we say limited, we’re not kidding. We only do this at most 1-2 times a week. So I would STRONGLY suggest you book now. There is only a single “Walk on Mars Display” on Earth currently. So you’ll want to book that NOW.   Pricing is a simple $125/hour plus travel (outline below).   Your child will remember it forever.   We promise.

Without a sponsor:

Martian Materials ™ will setup a display of authentic Mars and Moon Rocks at your location for $490/day or $250/half day + Travel.

It includes one or more of our Museum Staff at your location for the day.   We do offer Meteorites (any size, any kind) at $10 dollars each to any student.    These are priced aggressively so every student can own a part of Space.   It’s our belief that the more children that see and feel rocks from Space will grow to love Astronomy AND Geology.    Not many hobbies bridge two sciences to this extent.

Day Travel :
If located over an  hour from from Pottsville, PA we consider it a long commute.

For long commute day trips we would require $95 additional.

For long overnight commutes:
Typically we would need Plane Tickets,  Hotel and local transportation in addition to the $95 a day expenses (tolls, gas, meals, etc).

Call Roger for more Info 610.762.2156

Overseas Travel:
Plane Tickets, Hotel and expenses.    We also may require (depending on country) additional fees for overseas stays.