I don’t know how Interstellar Object Oumuamua was formed.

As a person that works with space rocks for a living. I can tell you that I never seen a space rock that looks like Oumuamua .   I have physically worked with thousands of Space Rocks.

I have seen mini-barbell tektites. I have “normal” stones , I have elongated , I have near spheres and flat stones. I have never seen nor do I know how to plausibly explain the formation of a pipe in space. It’s a near miracle object in my opinion.

My thoughts on this topic are subjected to change as more information becomes available. This is my current thoughts of The European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) press release and artist rendering of this interstellar object that was detected zipping though our solar system at 26km per second. This is the light curve.

This plot shows how the interstellar asteroid `Oumuamua varied in brightness during three days in October 2017. The large range of brightness — about a factor of ten (2.5 magnitudes) — is due to the very elongated shape of this unique object, which rotates every 7.3 hours. The different coloured dots represent measurements through different filters, covering the visible and near-infrared part of the spectrum. The dotted line shows the light curve expected if `Oumuamua were an ellipsoid with a 1:10 aspect ratio, the deviations from this line are probably due to irregularities in the object’s shape or surface albedo.

From that we can deduce the rough shape of the object. Which looks roughly like this:

This artist’s impression shows the first interstellar asteroid: `Oumuamua. This unique object was discovered on 19 October 2017 by the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawai`i. Subsequent observations from ESO’s Very Large Telescope in Chile and other observatories around the world show that it was travelling through space for millions of years before its chance encounter with our star system. `Oumuamua seems to be a dark red highly-elongated metallic or rocky object, about 400 metres long, and is unlike anything normally found in the Solar System.

This is the trajectory of Oumuamua.
Again the object is the first innerstellar object ever seen in our solar system. It’s trajectory is worth looking at as well.

Here is my problem with Oumuamua.

The object appears to be made of iron. There is very little or any dust detected around the object ruling out things like comets or “rubble pile” type asteroids. However as with any semi-solid body, say melted iron or rocks and spin it you get a barbell not a pipe.

It would look similar to Kleopatra, an asteroid in our solar system.

Possible Solution

Maybe it ran through the atmosphere of an exoplanet or star (something with a substantial gravity well) , melted, and reformed?  An incredible shot, because it would have to have been a perfect shot or tidal forces would have deformed from a pipe. If this is the case you’ll possibly find gasses trapped in the stone from that exoplanet or star.

The shape of the object alone likely can’t prove it’s artificial for example.   However it’s a very weird object.   I don’t know exactly what it is.