Martian Materials™ Certified Extraterrestrial Gemstones

All Extraterrestrial Material must come with a Certificate of Authenticity that carries the Martian Materials™  Trademark.   

Martian Materials™  owns specific industrial grade equipment to process Martian Materials™ Certified Extraterrestrial Material to Precious Gemstones.

In some cases Extraterrestrial Material is “harder” than what you would expect from typical terrestrial material due to composition, entry and impact.   Making processing slightly more challenging.

We currently have manufacturing and processing capability of up to 2 kg  of unprocessed Extraterrestrial material to refined Jewelry Quality Extraterrestrial Stones every 8 weeks.

We are working to expand that capability.

Our process takes two months from start to finish to just complete a single Martian Materials™ Certified Extraterrestrial Gemstone.

We first hand select the raw gemstone for size, shape and color.   We then start the process of converting The Raw Extraterrestrial Material to something very usable as jewelry.   This processing is very delicate and done by specialized machines with regular human intervention.

The waste product (looks somewhat like mud) maybe possibly used for pottery or bricks (currently being tested by 2 companies).  Making your investment 100% waste free.

We expect our first experimental product in late May 2017.

We sell only material.  We do not create jewelry.