Martian Materials Constellation

Welcome to the Martian Materials Constellation (TM).

A dynamic city revitalization project
using materials literally from other planets to revitalize  cities.


It starts with a holiday that was never celebrated in the United States and REALLY needs to be.

Human beings literally stood on another world on July 20, 1969.

The City of Pottsville gave us a licence to create a true holiday every year,  on July 20th it is officially called “Moon Landing Day“.

This project to create a holiday has the support of the City,  the School District , the local businesses and notable locations.   Below is a city “licence and support” for the project.

This revitalization project in Pottsville is based on historical research.

For Pottsville,  we spent a large amount of time researching specific areas of the city history,   and emphasized the parts that will allow for growth of tourism using space material located within Pottsville locations.

The fact that President John F. Kennedy stood in the city during the presidential election.  A Lunar Meteorite (NWA 11228) was placed in the exact location where he stood.   From there we built out a full network of space material from noted planets or host bodies throughout the city.

The Constellation is made of literally planetary bodies and spacecraft.   The majority of the meteorites that are placed down within the city were ejected from another Planet or host bodies before crashing into Earth.  The Spacecraft are fragments,  such as a small fragment of a heatshield, foil or parachute from a Russian , American or International Space Station.

The Material that we provide come from planetary bodies, such as the MOON or MARS.    They are mathematically spaced out to allow any type of fundraiser you wish (Running from the Earth to the Moon and back is a 5k Race,  Running from Mars to the Destroyed Planet and back is a 1k Race).

Your stone will become key to the network.  You can pick a path to any length of race or game from full marathons to short walks.   You have an onramp to the network.

From your stone,  you can reach any of the others at known distances.   

Allowing for you to make ANY type of race or game.

The first installation of the Martian Materials Constellation™ city revitalization project has been started in Pottsville, Pa.  

Here are some examples

They are created with very thick and strong glass.

What is the process to get a planet in front of my location?

This is where it’s tricky.  There are only a handful of planets and moons that we have access to.    The sun is the center of our solar system,  and Jupiter “eats”  all of our space rocks from the outer solar system.  Leaving us only with material from between Mercury and the Asteroid Belt.    Spacecraft are also of very limited number.

Also worth mentioning, that due to how we obtain the material (asteroid impacts)  the chances are very very low that we will ever get material from Venus.   The Venus stone will be substituted for a starmap of the rest of the network.   Making it a logical stopping point as well as a plug in for Venus.

Even with Venus we are looking at a total of about 12 installs within the city. of planetary bodies,  and perhaps another dozen if including spacecraft leaving a full install with roughly 24 installs.

Notable and public locations get first choice of host body.   Mercury,  Moon,  Mars,  Asteroids,  4 Vesta , 3103 Eger, Destroyed Planet and only a few more ejected Meteorites.   Spacecraft such as Apollo 11 and Colombia, Challenger and others also follow the same priority listing.

We do plan on installing some meteorites that are notable but not ejected.   It was an Apollo Class Asteroid that exploded over a major city, Chelyabinsk Russia in 2013.    It’s notable due to the sheer amount of video coverage. The resulting explosion injured 1500 people.

Watching this video one will quickly see why this fall is notable.   When this is installed,  we plan on contacting the mayor’s office of Chelyabinsk , Russia to let them know a monument for the 1,500 injured from their city exists in Pottsville, Pa.

We may get some overseas tourism one day from it.

The Glass case with Meteorite from another planet is $400.
Then you have a permanent tourist attraction at your location.   

After your stone is delivered.   You donate that display case to the city.   The city will then install it very near your business,  if not directly in front of.   The city then owns the display case and will upkeep the network and handle damages etc.

How do I use this as a fundraiser? 

Martian Materials™ has opted to work with Pottsville High School’s STEM committee.    This group of Science teachers will help promote your fundraiser and help clear the paperwork for a portion of the gross proceeds.

Their part of the proceeds go directly to science within the county.    Adrianne Portland currently is running the project at the Pottsville High School.   All fundraisers using this infrastructure really should work with the STEM program to avoid scheduling conflicts, etc.