Mission Statement

Martian Materials™  intends to assist with Humanities Colonization of Mars the best way we know how,  by raising an Army.

We have secured a sizable fraction of all the material on Earth from the planet Mars. The material came in the form of meteorites.

Martian Materials™ believes that the best way to colonize the Red Planet would be to allow as many children as possible to physically touch a Martian Rock and physically own Extraterrestrial Material,  in the form of a Meteorite.

We believe if enough children are reached today,  we will have a sufficient number of scientific minded individuals reaching college age right when demand for related sciences will start to climb dramatically to meet the technical challenges for the Mars missions.

This is first walk on Mars Display.  This occurs daily in Pottsville, Pa where children (and adults) walk on Mars.

The Glass Display the girl is standing on is embedded with NWA 6963, a Martian Meteorite.

We have already brought this display to multiple school districts in Eastern Pennsylvania.    We plan on using revenue generated from our online (and in-store) sales to build more of these displays to bring to school districts.     So buying a meteorite from us not only brings kids value (the rocks are worth something) but also funds our project to get displays like this into schools.

We also bring small samples of Lunar and Martian rocks for children to touch.

If Elon Musk wants to get to Mars,  he’ll need an army of technical minded individuals to do it.    We hope we can help.