Monthly Alien Box

Every Single Month we will send you at least $30 of Meteorites, Magnets,  and related extraterrestrial stuff for only $15 with FREE SHIPPING Read our reviews and you will see that we work REALLY hard to deliver value.

You can cancel at anytime, there is no contract. Every Single Month you’ll get a surprise box of authentic Alien Space Rocks, Magnets and related products. All Meteorites will come with a certificate of providence.

Since Meteorites are rare, the chances are that they will hold, or likely increase in value over time. These are great investments, as well as completely fun (we sometimes ship toy dinosaurs with the meteorites so you can recreate the K-T extinction event in extreme detail, sometimes we send T-Shirts, other times we just simply double and triple up on the Meteorites that we send).

Out of all the subscription boxes, this is the the best one. Please give us a try, you can cancel at any time. One out of every 3 dozen boxes will receive a Lunar (Moon) Rock. They go for $150 in store.

An Example Lunar Rock is on the Left.

Payment goes though Yooter Interactive and Paypal.

Note: Rare Earth Magnets are incredibly powerful. Please watch children when they are playing with them.