Official Rules

The below game was invented by an 11 year old:

How Powerful is your Meteorite?
Meteorites are the most powerful stones you can own.

Most Powerful Meteorite Wins.
Weight, Width, Height or Magnetism.

Tie-Breakers are decided by Magnetism (The Meteorite the magnet sticks to when sandwiched between two Meteorites and pulled apart).

Winner Keeps Losers Meteorite.

Game continues until all other meteorites are collected by a single player.
ONE Meteorite can be named in your collection.

Named Meteorites are allowed to substitute themselves once per game (not round).

Named Meteorite must be disclosed as named prior to game.

You should name that meteorite for life.

Trading Rules :
You can trade your meteorites with others.

Tumbled Meteorites seem to stick better to Magnets, however are typically smaller.
Keep the order of your trades secret.
You want to make sure your strongest stones meet your opponents weakest.
Planetary Meteorites are exempt from forfeiture (IE: They can only win) unless against other Planetary Meteorites.