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This is the ultimate gift for any space or science minded individual. The jewelry that comes from Martian Materials is from Planetary Bodies that crashed into Earth from Asteroid impacts on other planets. For more information on how a stone makes it from Mars to Earth there is a fairly decent wikipedia article on this.

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I will create a unique piece for you using the stone you selected from this inventory list. Anything ordered below will be made specifically for you. You will find examples of my work on the facebook page.

Necklaces only or pipes if specified.

If you want anything other than a necklace or pipe you can text me at 610.762.2156 or contact me though facebook. @martianmaterials

This is the order form for custom Space Jewelry using this inventory list. This form only applies for the following:

Worm Moon Sale | $89.95

Worm Moon Sale = over the past few weeks I created several pieces of lunar jewelry. You will get a necklace and a certificate.

Mercury | $1229.95

Martian | $279.95

Lunar | $259.95

4 Vesta | $129.95

Destroyed Planet | $129.95

Asteroid | $29.95

Tektite | $29.95

Lunar (Moon) Pipe (Glass) | $129.95

Let me create something for you | $100
1 . Stone will be planetary
2. I make stuff fun

It’s my mission to have every individual own a part of space in a wearable jewelry format. You’ll find low cost options as well as rare. All prices include shipping. All chains are made of stainless steel (like the SpaceX landers) .

Example Necklace from the Planet Mercury. This is NOT the exact one you will be getting, the charm always changes.