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You are commissioning me to build you a fun pendent. The space bag however is me making a grab bag of things I’ve made and things I find interesting like shark teeth or Herkimer diamonds or exotic fossils or space rocks from somewhere else. These will be shipped suitable as gifts.

Space Bag $30 :
Pendent $20 :
Chain $10 :
Shipping $5 :
Optional (super thank you) Tip Jar $10 :
Throw something extra in there. $10 :
Asteroid behind Phoenix Rising. – Real North West Africa Unclassified Meteorite. NWA XXXX
There is an Asteroid in this piece as well, but you can hardly see it with all the Herkimer Diamonds in this claw setting.

You are commissioning me to build you a pendent. I may use Asteroids, Tektites and cool Earth rocks like a Herkimer diamond or something else that is cool.

I’ll build you something very unique.

Time : About a week – Space Rock Always included on Pendent.
Price : $20
Shipping $5
Stainless Steel Chain: $10

If you go for the stainless steel chain. I build these right. The chains are double locking (on both sides) so the pendent doesn’t hit the floor every single time you take it off or put it on.