Extraterrestrial Inventory

This is only a partial listing. Our access to material is not limited only to meteorites. We also have small samples from Spacecraft like Apollo 11, various shuttles as well as Russian ships.

3103 Egar
Planet Mercury – North West Africa 7325 (Likely)  We discuss this stone in detail since it’s very likely and not confirmed from the Planet Mercury.  
Venus – Sadly there are no known Meteorites on Earth from Venus. There are many reasons, such as a thick and hot atmosphere that “grinds” the rocks inbound to a fairly strong gravity well.
Earth – We have a large number of donated samples to see, from Fossils to Coal to Tektites.
Earth’s Moon – Northwest Africa 3163 | Northwest Africa 4932 | Northwest Africa 10823 
Planet Mars : Martian Tissint Meteorite  | Northwest Africa 6963 | Northwest Africa 7034 (Black Beauty) | Northwest Africa 1068 | Northwest Africa 8656 | Northwest Africa 4468
Martian Moon of Phobos : Kaidun has a possible match with Dhofar 535. Kaidun is believed to be from Phobos. We have a small sample of Dhofar 535

Named Asteroids like 4 Vesta (Eucrite , very likely 4 Vesta Origin)

Asteroids NWA XXXX – Unclassified meteorites We have a large inventory of NWA Unclassified, high metal, likely asteroids.
Destroyed Planet – We have samples of Ureilite Meteorites, likely from a destroyed planet.

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