The Traveling Martian Materials Mars exhibit relies on teachers like you so your students can experience the inner solar system personally.  All our meteorites come with professional certification.   They also come with a Martian Materials employee to help address any questions you may have. We are the leading STEM program for school districts regarding Space Materials.

How did we obtain rocks from Asteroids, Mars, Mercury and the Moon?
We purchase the Meteorites from verified vendors.   These stones come certified with all the required paperwork. They are precious stones.

How did something get off the surface of Mars, Mercury or the Moon and land on Earth?
An Asteroid hit Mars or whatever planetary body, ejected material to space and eventually it landed on Earth.   In concept it’s simple until you try to imagine the size of the blast on Mars.   These impacts were huge.

The goal of this project is to get students interested in Mars.  Holding Mars rocks we believe is the most powerful way that can happen.  It is very hard to describe in words what it feels like to hold part of another planet.

Grade Levels
Kindergarten to Multi-PHD degree carrying professional Astronomers and Geologists.   They are Rocks from the Red Planet  and Earth’s Moon as well as  other parts of the Solar System.    It inspires all ages and the Material speaks for itself.

For the most part, FREE

We normally would like to setup in a library or a dedicated classroom for 1/2 or a full day,  and the classes can come throughout the day and look. We allow the children to physically hold the stones and ask questions. It’s the most powerful STEM program possible.